My newest weekly series, this one will take the place of Minecraft Monday which I have temporarily retired. In this video, we begin in the save that I had from my Plays video. Since I want to show some progress, I might either do a video on each job or each third job.

The twentysixth episode in my Bioshock completes series, in this episode we begin to gather the ingredients needed to make a bomb. With that bomb, we plan to overload the generator and burst Ryan’s ”Office Door” so we can gain entrance. I also talk about other things, one of them being Youtube comments in general. Another one is my recent partnership with Freedom Network.

The tenth episode of Space Pirates Sunday, In this episode I got stuck in a mission that was stealth based. Did allot of preparation for this mission, which was a mission called ”Trojan Horse”. Once that was taken care of, we continue with the story.

The Twentyfifth episode in my Bioshock completes series, in this episode we continue to try and bypass Ryan’s door. We also go around saving more little sisters, three of them in this episode. As thanks for that, we get lots of delicious ADAM. We also get closer to Ryan, which is the current goal in the game.

In this play video, I take a look at one of my favorite Indie games of all time. This game is Magicka, a game that had a pretty awesome magic system. Sadly I was playing this game alone, it really shines with four players going on. With four players, it becomes allot more hectic and fun. One important thing, people in Sweden don’t really speak like this. There is a little Swedish in this game, but it is mixed with sims speak and random gibberish.

In this Play video, I take a look at a Worms game that I had not yet seen, Worms 4 Mayhem. Since I love Worms, I bought this game while visiting a flea market. I am more fond of the older 2D Worms games, I still feel that it can be worth giving it a go.

The twentyfourth episode in my Bioshock completes series, in this episode we reach Ryan’s ”trophy room” where he hangs up would be assassins for display. As we go on, we find the door to be locked. To progress, we need to override the lock mechanism.

In this Free-To-Play Friday, we take a look at a sidescroller MMO called La Tale. Saw this game a few times when I was looking for games to show in Free-To-Play Friday. If you like side scrollers like Maplestory, this game might be for you. Still worth trying out, since it’s free-to-play.

The twentythird episode in my Bioshock completes series, in this episode we take care of the last of Sander Cohens disciples. With all that taken care of, we say good bye to Sander Cohen and return to Fontaine’s constant bitching. With the road clear, we can head to an area named after the Greek god of smiths and craftsmen called Hephaestus. Now we have to go and kill Ryan, cause Fontaine asked us so kindly.

The final episode in my Fallout 2 Iron Man challenge series, in this episode we first try to reach lvl 4 before heading out to try and get the power armor. Once we reached it, we headed south in our attempt to get the power armor as early as possible. Luck wasn’t with me, our character ended up as a sunbaked corpse in the American Wasteland.