Reaching the second ”world” in the game, now we have to deal with the zombies at night. At first it gets annoying having to use sun flowers, but soon we get the sun-shroom which helps us allot more than the sun-flower.

In this episode we begin to encounter the more weird and odd among the zombies, apparently some zombies either worked at Ikea or visited it. Trying to use doors proves ineffective, since I just blast them in the face with pure awesomeness.

In this episode we get to meet our neighbor, a dude called Crazy Dave. Ge shows up to help us some new things we unlock during the course of the game. We also play a pretty fun mini-game involving zombies and wallnuts.

In this play video, I take a look at a game called Hospital Tycoon. This game similar to Theme Tycoon, a game that I really love and adore. Since it was similar, I felt that I wanted to make video about it.