The seventeenth episode in my Half-Life 2 completes series, in this episode we continue our infiltration of Nova Prospect. We also link up with Alex, who has taken upon an alter Ego known as Captain Obvious. Together with Captain Obvious, Gordon has to help save her father so she can have some kinky time with him (She wants the D… )

In this latest Minecraft Monday episode, I begin a series of tutorials that aim to help people to get started in Tekkit lite. Decided to change Minecraft Monday since I felt there was little left to do in the vanilla Minecraft, and since I love Tekkit I felt there was allot more to make related to Minecraft.

The fourth episode in my Space Pirates sunday series, in this episode I was about to attack the research station that holds an item needed for the titan laser. Having done several attempts to attack the station, I decide to travel around in search for upgrades to improve my ships.

The fourteenth episode of my Half-Life 2 completes series. in this episode I have to vent some frustration after have seen a really shitty video about gaming piracy. Once I had vented all my frustration, I take my time to talk about my stance on online piracy and why I sometimes do it. This rant thing was not something that I planned, but I felt necessary to blow off. If I didn’t blow it off, I would just make it worse.

For those who think I go overboard. this video is very tame compared to what I could have said and the words I could have used against certain individuals. Also deleted some parts that I didn’t like or didn’t feel were appropriate.

In this episode we finally stop the whole driving part of the game, instead we have to help our retarded cult following defend themselves against an attack from the combine. Once that was taken care of, we have even more problems with ant lions, since they get really pissy when we touch the precious sand which they jerk off to. Lastly we kill off an alpha male of their species and rips its balls off, during all this you can hear my horny old female cat Maya in the background being all horny n shit.