In this episode we get to meet our neighbor, a dude called Crazy Dave. Ge shows up to help us some new things we unlock during the course of the game. We also play a pretty fun mini-game involving zombies and wallnuts.

In this play video, I take a look at a game called Hospital Tycoon. This game similar to Theme Tycoon, a game that I really love and adore. Since it was similar, I felt that I wanted to make video about it.

For my 200th special video, I decided to film when I go for a walk with Toki. Not any ordinary video, but I used my shitty Go Pro knock off to videotape from Toki’s point of view (as much as possible). This video is however not recommended for people that suffer from motion sickness, if you have motion sickness then watch this video on you’re own peril.

The third episode in my Euro Truck Monday series, in this episode we drive some distance to get a allot better paying job. I also make the transition from singeplayer to multiplayer which felt pretty nice.

The sixth episode in my Blood Bowl permadeath, decided to give my team a much needed upgrade since I was tired of the computers constant cheating. Now all of my dudes have lvl 4, which makes it allot more fun to play the game. Still think it’s a piece of shit game not worth getting, but that won’t stop me from playing it.

The Twelfth episode in my Space Pirates Sunday weekly series, in this episode we go after the gateway to the center of the starcluster. Reaching it, something really bad happens which forces us to do some drastic measures.