My first Special Thursday video, in this video I begin the Ironman challenge in the game Fallout 2. The Ironman challenge is similar to permadeath, but adds more challenge in the form of only allowing saves during each episode ending. Most of this episode goes to showing my character, talking about stuff and other things.

The twenty seventh episode in my Half-Life 2 completes series, in this episode I talk about the whole sub 4 sub thing since I received a message from someone asking for sub 4 sub. While I’m talking about this, I try to make my way to the citadel and rescue both Alex and her portable penis (her father).

In this play video, I decide to play a game known as DLC Quest. This game is a metajoke on the current situation is the gaming industry. As much as I want to like this game, it is just like Little Inferno. Both games invest too much in one thing, a thing that isn’t enough to build an entire game around.

If you are thinking of buying this game, I suggest you save your money and buy another game.

This is the twenty sixth episode of my Half-Life 2 completes series, in this episode we actually reach the roof and begin to head to another roof. Barney has taken over Alex role as Captain Obvious, something that slightly pisses me off. After have been on the roof, we reach to a really unpleasant place with several walkers. Those walkers prove more than capable of fucking peoples days up.

The fifth episode of my Terraria Tuesday episode, in this episode I show of a few new things regarding my home. I also show my new set of armor, a set if armor made of meteorite ingots. Once that is done, I head over and has an adventure

The Twenty Fifth episode of my Half-life 2 completes series, in this episode we infiltrate the building with the roof mounted death lazor in an attempt to shut it down. While here, I get increasingly annoyed at Barney. He seems to have taken over the role as annoying little bitch from Alex, since she is nowhere to be found.

The twenty fourth Half-Life 2 episode in my completes series, In this Half-life 2 episode I reach the dreaded point which I call ”Sniper Alley”. Going through the sniper alley, I noticed how my NPC allies were being quickly shot down by snipers. While saving Barney the dinosaur, I talk about several things. First I thank my new subscribers, then I talk about my policy regarding being gifted games. Lastly I talk about religion and death, aliens and other stuff like that.

In this Minecraft Monday, I show five different machines that you can build to make usage of the generators you made in the previous episode. The five different machines are Macerator, Electric Furnace, Compressor, Recycler and extractor. I show them, how you build them and talk a little about what use they have and rank their importance.