The seventh episode in my Half-Life 2 completes series, in this video we enter Ravenholm and begin to get through the area. During this video, I talk about my history of gaming and what gaming consoles I have owned and the stories behind them,

In this Free-To-Play Friday, I visit a game that I have not played for some time called Warframe. This game is all about being a cyborg ninja, hacking and shooting things while doing objectives in enemy territory. A really kickass game in my opinion, and totally worth checking out since it’s free to play.

In this challenge video I play The Binding of Isaac, the challenge is one that you can find in the game and it’s called ”Dark was the Night”. The challenge is that I cannot see the map, all items that help me with the map are disabled and the map is changed to a room with a question mark.

Since I ran out of time yesterday, I had to do the challenge video on a Friday instead of Thursday which I normally do them on. Hopefully that isn’t an issue, since I can’t really go back in time and fix that.

The sixth episode in my fourth main series, TheApeMania completes Half-Life 2. I begin with talking about how I’m not satisfied with my commentary and my desire to improve it, i then talk about something that I have noticed for a long time of my gaming life which is sexism in gaming. Later on I talk about one of my favorite TV shows that was showed in Sweden 2003, a show called ”Hem till Midgård”.

The fifth episode in my Half-Life 2 completes series, In this video I get really personal with you viewers. I talk about my personal life, my thoughts about Sweden and things that I have gone through growing up in Sweden. There are a few politically incorrect parts, but they are not as severe as they could have been. I don’t want to hate immigrants that come to Sweden but I do, I do it because they come to my country to leech off the welfare that Swedes have toiled and worked for.

In this fourth episode we continue on our way in our attempt to exist city 17. During out lovely trip out in the open where Nerds fear to tread, I talk about a question that a fellow Youtuber posted and that I answered on a comment on his video. The question was, would you have sex with Aliens ?

Having talked about that, we continue onwards and find a really nice toy. I also get stuck in an area, being attacked by lots of flying microwaves.

This is the second part of my Terraria Tuesday Series, in this episode we try to venture out into the world to get hold of metals to improve our equipment with. Things go pretty ok, until we have some problems with a selection of stronger enemies. Seeing that we can’t really travel far on land, I decide to begin digging into the earth in search for those metals that can give us a fighting edge against the monsters that roam the lands.

This is the third episode in my complete series on Half-Life 2, in this episode we continue to try to leave City 17. Thanks to a few people from the refugee network, we manage to get hold of a way of exciting the city. On the way, we fight allot of Headcrabs, a dozen zombies and a few handful of Civil retardation units.