In this Minecraft Monday video, I show you how you can use three different machines to make your tree and food farms allot more automated. The different machines that I talk about are Harvesters, Planters and Fertilizers. Each of them helps with either automating or speeding up the gathering of food/trees. I also show the blueprints for making each of them, as well as the blueprints for making fertilizer.

The nineteenth episode in my Bioshock completes series, in this episode we get all of the ingredients to make that Jesus Juice that will invigorate the trees once more.

With that done, we have to bunker up inside the dead lady’s office since making gas out of Jesus Juice is pretty time consuming. Will we save the trees, find out in the next episode of unsolved mysteries.

The ninth episode in my Space Pirates Sunday series, in this episode we begin to travel to another part of the inner cluster. Since the ships in the inner cluster are pretty strong, I decide to take the longer and more easier path. Despite being a longer path, I think it was the faster of the two possible routes. We end the episode after we breach the second Titan Gate and enter the ”north” part of the inner cluster.

The eighteenth episode in my Bioshock completes series, in this episode we go after the second ingredients that we need to make that vector thingy to save the trees. The second ingredients we need is distilled water, which we find in a cheep fucks winery.

Wanted to make a video about Mount & Blade but had problems, made this video instead. In this play video, I play a game known as Pandemic 2, it is a free flash game that you can play. The game is about creating a disease with the goal of killing off humanity.

For this video, I created the Ikea disease. It is a horrible sickness that makes you rearrange you’re living space regularly and forces you to get new furniture once a week. Failure to do so might result in hallucinations, diarrea, fever, loss of appetite, kidney failure and death.

In this Free-To-Play Friday, I take a look at a WW2 game that is called War Thunder. It was a game that began with plane combat, then added tanks and have plans to add warships. During the installation of this game, I checked the steam reviews it had gotten. From what I had read from the reviews, the game had gone to shit with tons of Pay2Win crappulense.

The sixteenth episode in my Bioshock completes series, in this episode Ryan’s taco stained farts kills all the trees in Arcadia. Now we have to deal with the side mission of saving the trees in Arcadia, which that bitch Ryan tries to stop.

Fontaine doesn’t really help that much, he just talks about stuff and that’s it. He still feels that Ryan should die cause he wants to take over Ryan’s business. But since he asked so nicely, we have to help him.

The fifteenth episode in my Bioshock completes series, in this episode we continue to walk in Arcadia. At first I head out to find more Houdini splicers, instead we photograph little sisters and save them. Using the Adam that I had gathered so far, we buy a few upgrades

The fourteenth episode in my Bioshock completes series, after have seen the battysphere go boom we head to Arcadia. Apparantly Fontaine wants us to kill Ryan, but Fontaine is too much of a fucking pussy to do the job himself. But since he wants revenge for the death of his non-existent family, and he asked nicely we are forced to oblige

In this video, I show a really awesome game that is called Everquest Next: Landmark. I consider this game to be the an evolved form of Minecraft. Right now this game is in closed Beta, to play right now you either need an invite or you need to purchase a founders pack.

This video became a bit longer than what I expected, but I had lots to show and this is a great game.